Why I had to Quit my 6-Figure Job to Do this:

I do this because I am tired of seeing people get ripped off. I used to work for my father and he spent $30,000 on his first online store. We worked with a "Guru" that had over 35+ years experience coding. He was the old school type that would thrash any young web developer saying,"These younger generations think they know what their doing, but they don't their young and dumb" etc. After 2 years, and an additional $15,000 ($45,000 total) we had to fire the company because they would charge over $1000 per change. We then went to a company overseas, (India), they sounded smart, told us that our website was easy, it would be 1/10th the price and be done in a year. It's been 3 years now, they also charged us 10x more then originally quoted, and the website is not done. Moral of the story is I have learned so much in these 8 years dealing with other web companies, marketing companies, and I have done lots of research to do things myself. After creating my first website I was obsessed. Our website made just under $600,000 its 4th year. The are 1,000's of things that we could do to "up" that number but it all starts with making a correct website. Don't get tricked by inexperienced, outdated web developer's!

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Growing up in an Entrepreneurial household, I remembered the root to all my father's obstacles were one thing, Sales! From a young boy to 18 years old I developed a burning desire to learn everything I could about sales. I started cold calling at 14 years old... [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]